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Smoke alarm frequently asked questions

Date:2016-05-26 11:27:15    Hits:2537

 1. smoke alarm works?

Smoke alarm consists of four parts: a sensor, a horn, a battery unit (or connected to the wire) and a circuit board. When smoke enters the sensing chamber, the smoke particles will be scattered to the portion of the beam on the sensor. When the concentration of smoke gradually increased, there will be more of a light beam is scattered onto the sensor. When the beam reaches the sensor reaches a certain level, the horn will sound.
2. Use the smoke alarm work?
With the smoke alarm users increasing, the number of deaths caused by residential fires has been declining. National Fire Protection Association reports that installed the recommended number of smoke alarm residential event of fire, the survival rate than residential staff is not installed smoke alarm housing 50% more.
3. Smoke alarms need to replace it?
If the smoke alarm lifespan close to 10 years, then the end of its service life and should be replaced. Some people think that their smoke alarm only when smoke will work, in fact, it is in working condition at all times, 24 hours a day in the monitoring of air changes. With a 10-year smoke alarm has entered the aging, so do early or replaced as well.
4. How much does the general home smoke alarm installation?
The average family will need to install at least more than one set of smoke alarm. The exact number is determined by the number of residential floors and bedrooms. Recommendations in each bedroom is to install a smoke alarm, install a layer inside the house at least once.
5. The inner housing which places need to install smoke alarm?
For extremely hot or cold, or where there is often a lot of smoke and dust as well as the presence of places and similar places attic is not recommended alarms, for example, kitchen and garage. Alarm installation too close to the cooking appliance off, it may lead to false positives; garage engine exhaust gases will lead to false positives.
6. Which smoke alarm is better?
They each have their own strengths. Ion alarm induction tiny smoke particles to be faster, while the photoelectric sensor alarm on larger smoke particles faster. When it occurs the fire, the smoke of tiny particles in the air more, and smoldering when larger smoke particles in the air will be more. If you want both the strengths of both, you can require the installation of smoke alarms where two kinds of alarms are the placement.
7. When the smoke alarm was issued false positives, how do I stop it then?
One way is to replace it with ion-alarm so that the alarm can be stopped with a few minutes of static buttons. Another option is to install the alarm away from cooking at a little far away, so as to give a smoke particle diffusion time.
8. The method used to detect the alarm?
Each smoke alarm after it produced a safety test button. Manufacturers suggest that you frequently check your own alarm, at least once a month.
9. The regular cleaning alarms important?
Regularly clean the alarm is necessary. Smoke alarm sensors around the center is a little like a sieve out covert prevent small insects and dust into the induction center. But it can accumulate dust around the Shelters, thereby delaying the movement of air. Clean the alarm is very easy thing. As long as the alarm with a vacuum cleaner outside air can absorb at least cleaned once a year.
10. With regard to battery usage?
Smoke alarm batteries under normal circumstances can be used for at least one year. The biggest reason to stop working smoke alarm is due to artificially remove the battery, and later they will forget the placement. If the battery is about to run out, the alarm will sound at intervals of about a minute beep to prompt you when you remove the battery and then forget to install often happens, the best prevention method is to run signal immediately issued a replacement battery.