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Longsin 1800 comperhensive test smoke box

Date:2016-02-25 08:48:30    Hits:3196

Recently Shenzhen Longsin Intelligent Technology co., LTD. with Beijing Yuan Henry industry technology co., LTD. Signed a purchase agreement about purchasing AWT1800 smoke and temperature probe comprehensive test smoke box.
Type 1000 and type 2000 fire point type smoke sensor and temperature sensor test box, in accordance with Chinese standard (gb GB4716-2005 standard, national standard GB4715-2005 standard), and Europe and the UK quality standards (Europe EN54-5 standard, European EN54-7 standards and European EN14604 standard and British BS5446-2).Including smoke detector test smoke cigarette box, temperature probe test box, as well as the sense of smoke temperature probe test smoke box, part of the test smoke box also equipped with a special cooling system.

1000 Series Fire test box possesses high performance ratio and compact structure which is an indispensable ideal test equipment for Precision production test,R&D and Standard Test Laboratory.
Based on the same principle of Technology,the larger Fire text box,Model 2000,can add different options according to the different test standard and finish all the required scope of test work perfectly.

After years of painstaking research and development,AW Technology Company launched a series of Fire test box.,AW Technology Company dare to innovate to be the first above all competitors launching many kinds of the fire detectors and alarm systems.It obtains splendid achievements both in technical level and business.AW Technology Company has been an active participant in the drafting and revision of the European Quality Standard and made a significant contribution.

1000 Series is mainly based on the circulation line which is made of sheet steel and the transparent polycarbonate connects to the test interval.The dimensions of the fire test box  1100 to 1800 is 2.10m long,0.70m wide and 0.93m high.
The measuring distance is 450mm wide and 290mm high.
The design of the fire test box is consistent with the principle of aerodynamics which can maintain the normal non disturbance operation under the air current between 0.2m/s and 1.0m/s.
While detecting the smoke,the air velocity sensor with the real time display of the air velocity can be the option.
If there is no air velocity sensor,we can use the tachometer to measure it which is installed to the windturbine.

The usage of the all smoke detectors and the fire test box has the built-in aerosol generator producing the paraffin gas which is according to the
EN54-7.The gas concentration is measured by the AW Technology Company which can meet the standards of the EN54-7.
While testing the smoke ionic concentration,you can use the Ion concentration meter.The fire test box has two thermocouple sensors.

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